14 months

5th July 2013

Well Ada has been up to a lot lately, always getting into things and running around, which are why all of her photos are of her moving, she doesn't seem to sit still anymore.

Size:  Our scale says she is still right around 22 pounds, we will know again at 15 months for her next appoitment.  She still fits in size 4 shoes and her other clothes are all ...

Ada babbling

15th Dec. 2012

I havn't been posting much lately because we have been very busy and also sick.  Ada has the stomach flu this week and we have all had really bad colds since last weekend.  We are going to be really busy through the end of January.  I am starting to get worried thinking about all the stuff we have to pack for Mexico, and how we are going to haul ...

6 month update

7th Nov. 2012

Ada had her 6 month appoitment today and got a bunch of shots, but she handled them like a champ!  Here are her stats:

  • Height= 16.5'', 68%
  • Weight= 7 lb 10 oz, 80%
  • Head circumference= 45cm, 97%

Her head it still HUGE!  Her height is about the same percentage but her weight went down from 92%.  It would have been a lot lower but in the last few weeks ...


25th Oct. 2012

So I just applied for the holy grail of all jobs, well maybe not, but pretty close.  A COE job in Eugene, OR, home to the Oregon Ducks with a cost of living similar to Manhattan, much more awesome weather and a more liberal atmosphere.  That and it is in Oregon, need I say more?  My job is not indefinate here, and Derek and I are kind of tired of ...