3/4 Month Must-Haves

4th Sept. 2012

Ada really didn't use anything new in the 3rd month so I skipped it and most the stuff here she started using within the last month.  She also still likes everyting on the prior must-have list.

She loves her jumperoo.  Both the one at home and the one at daycare.  The picture is the one we have and Derek borrowed it from a work friend.

Ada loves these blocks ...

Second Month Must Haves

6th July 2012

We still use everything from the first month post but this month we have added mainly toys to the list.

Bright Starts Play Place Deluxe Edition

We use this everyday.  Ada loves playing in it and I love the sides to keep Bristol away from her.  I also like the pillow it comes with, Ada handels tummy time better when she is on that pillow then when she is laying ...

First Month Must Haves

4th June 2012

Boppy- I use this for breastfeeding and propping her up after eating while "playing" with toys.  I got 2 covers for it and am glad I did.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - They are lightweight so perfect for a summer baby and stretchy enough to swaddle them. We also sometimes use it to throw over the carseat when we take her places to shield her from sunlight.

Bouncy seat:  We could ...