Tummy Time

18th Aug. 2012

Ada has started rocking tummy time and I think she is too adorable holding her head up and looking around.  Here are some photos from today.  I love her chubby cheeks in this one!  And her arms, they are so squishy.

And this is the whacha doing mom face.

And this, this is her new favorite toy.  She loves to do this:

Stare it down while holding with both hands ...

Photo Drop

16th Aug. 2012

Random photos of cute Ada.

Laying on the floor all cute

Ada with all the Chuckie dolls at my grandmas in Red Cloud

Chilling before bedtime

Derek and Ada snuggling in the morning

Ada sound asleep, she always looks like this in the morning

Ada loves her jumparoo now!


17th July 2012


I went back to work last week.  It has been a little tougher than I imagined it would be.  It is hard knowing other people are with your baby all day and you aren't.  I know it will get better with time and it will become the new normal.  For now though, it kind of sucks.

I got Ada a used bumbo from craigslist to try to help with ...


29th May 2012

So I've been using this on and off to take funny photos of Ada and other random stuff the last month or so and I finally figured out how to download them onto my computer!  It only took about 2 minutes after I did a quick google search of how to download them. So here is a dump of the random photos I have taken.

First use of the ...