Monday Randoms

24th Feb. 2014

Derek took my new favorite photo of Ada and I last week.  We were all in the living room watching the Olympics when Ada grabbed a blanket, sat next to me and pulled the blanket on like I was doing.  And then she smiled when Derek asked her too!

I hit the 20 pound lost mark Saturday.  So what did I do, celebrate with a date night with Derek to ...

Tuesday Randoms

8th Jan. 2013

1. I am starting to watch the TV series Downtown Abbey, I hope I like it, it sounds really good!

2. Ada is officially pulling up on things by herself.  She did on a Rubbermaid container this past weekend, at daycare and on her zany-zoo cube.  It is exciting and kind of scary, I don't want to babyproof!

3.  It is official, we are moving!  Derek's bosses are ...