Homemade clothes

10th July 2014

So I like to sew and Ada is usually my test subject.  I have made a few outfits for Derek and I, winter pants and a fleece pull over, but generally I make stuff for Ada.  Here are a few things I have made lately.  I just started using some knits, which so far I really like.  Cotton is easier to sew with but it sometimes gets wrinkly and I ...


31th March 2014

Ada's twin quilt is done!  It didn't take me nearly as long to complete at the last quilt I made.  It was a pretty simple design so that is probably why.  I also went the easy route and bought this pattern off etsy for $8  Her finished product looked like this.

It seemd like an easy pattern (it was) and ...

Sewing Birthday Presents

23th Jan. 2014

 decided to try to make most of Ada's presents this year for her birthday to keep costs down.  She loves her kitchen we got her for Christmas, and she loves playing with our oven mits, so I decided to make her some oven mits.  I found this tutorial on pinterest and thought it looked easy enough.

They look less than an ...


15th Oct. 2013

I decided to try and enter the world of quilting. Those always look hard and time consuming.  I decided to make a Christmad quilt because if it sucks I only have to look at it 6 weeks of the year!  I went to Pinterest to search for more modern-ish and easy quilts. Well I found one!  

The directions I am roughly following can be found here ...