Family Vacation, part 2

23th Oct. 2013

After Garden of the Gods, Ada was in need of a nap so we decided to drive to the Olympic Training Center while she napped.  There isn't much to do there if you don't want to go on the tour but we took a few photos and browsed the gift shop.  Afterwards, we had a really good lunch at a Mexican place and then went to see the ...

Family vacation, part 1

11th Oct. 2013

We left Friday for our vacation right around naptime thinking Ada would sleep at least 2 hours of the 4 hour drive to Glenwood Springs haha.  That didn't happen, she napped about 45 minutes but because we were stuck in stop and go traffic at her 45 minute mark (she always wakes up then and usually goes back to sleep) she didn't go back to sleep.  Luckily she ...

Chicago, Part 2

23th Sept. 2013

This part of the Chicago trip Derek was in his conference every day so Ada went out on our own to explore the city.

Tuesday we headed up north of downtown to the zoo.  The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is free, which was awesome!  There is also a direct bus from about a block from our hotel so it was super easy to get to. The zoo was really ...

Chicago, Part 1

10th Sept. 2013

Last week we tagged along with Derek to Chicago.  He had a conference Tuesday through Thursday so we flew up Sunday morning and back Thursday night.  We stayed right downtown at the Hyatt so the locationw as perfect for site seeing. 

Ada did pretty good on the flight there, she loved the stickers, snacks, Magna Doodle and flap books that I brought the most.  Keeping her on our lap in ...