Video dump

31th Jan. 2013

I find videos of Ada so entertaining, even if nobody else does :)  So here are a few I uploaded to youtube from my phone.

Ada with her push cart

Ada being goofy at the coffee table


And Ada at the coffee table again...haha I swear it is different...maybe :)


Ada Boring Videos

31th July 2012

Here are some more pretty boring Ada videos :)

This one is Ada in the bath a few weeks ago, probably around 10 weeks old.  She started to really like baths then and would splash around, she does this even more now and half empties the tub these days and splashes me in the face all the time.


The second video is from this Saturday.  Ada has found her voice and ...

Ada Boring Videos

18th June 2012

So I took some really boring vidoes of Ada in the last few weeks.  They are for my own memory and reallyl aren't worth watching haha.

Here is one of Ada at 3 weeks in her bouncer.  She is making weird noises in her sleep.  This is about the most exciting thing she did the first few weeks haha

Here is Ada from today "playing."  This the currently the ...