32 weeks

24th Dec. 2012

Ada is 32 weeks.  This is actually from last Friday, but I am just now getting around to upload it.  I was have this Friday's up sometime soon.  Ada is now clapping and babbling a lot.  She also crawls backwards sometimes.  She still loves to stand or sit way more than crawl.  She will slowly walk behind a push toy if you push it for her.  She is going ...

29 weeks

24th Nov. 2012

Well 28 weeks passed and I never posted, oh well.  I found out on Thanksgiving that Ada LOVES ground turkey.  I am afraid to make my own pureed meats so I bought some jars with veggies mixed with meat.  She devoures those things and you can't feed he fast enough.  It is pretty cute.  I might try to make some on my own sometime but for now will save ...

27 weeks

10th Nov. 2012

All the leaves on the tree in our front yard fell off this week so we took her out in the 70 degree weather to get some photos!  It is supposed to be 40 tomorrow so I figured we should get any leaf photos now.  She really just wanted to stare at and eat the leaves so it was hard to get any good photos.  Oh well.  Not much has ...

26 weeks

4th Nov. 2012

26 weeks, 1/2 through one year.  It is crazy that she is already 6 months old, time has gone by really fast.  I will make her 6 month post after we go to the doctor on Wednesday but we think she is around 17 pounds but who knows!  Not much happened here this week but I am pretty positive she is trying so hard to laugh, finally!

Taking these ...