6th Aug. 2010

My Promotion from work went through today!  I will see the paycheck next week :)  Part of taking the job for the "intern" program was at the end of one year and the end of the 2nd year I would advance 2 grades and see decent pay raises.  So now we will have about $500 more in disposable income to use.  So far we plan on putting an extra $125 towards ...

Done with KC!

23th April 2010

So tomorrow is my last day in KC for work.  While the work was interesting and I learned a lot, I am more than ready to go home!  As exciting as sitting in a hotel room alone every night sounds, it's really not.  I actually miss cooking, cleaning, and house updates!  I guess I also miss Derek and Bristol haha.  I will probably have to return in the fall ...

Next Vegas Trip

18th April 2010

So we went to Vegas in Feb. and about a week after returning my boss asks me if I want to go to training in Vegas in April.  I say yes and then "convince" Derek to go with me, he didn't need much convincing haha

We leave Sunday the 25th at 6am, early I know, but because of our silly travel company it was the only decent priced flight ...