Meet the Stegelmans!

Hello and welcome to Midwest Momma, our little place on the Internet. We hope to use this space to blog, post photos, and chronicle our journey into parenthood. Our little girl Ada is due in May of this year and we can't wait to start our family. We also like to DIY and we'll be show casing some of our work on this site. Enjoy!

Henry 2.5

27th Jan. 2018

Well my battery died on my camera after 5 photos so this is all I got!  So he turned his sleep sack into a lovey (that is the blue thing in the photo).  He will not sleep without it, as we found out when he got sick and I had to wash it.  So I bought another one on ebay lol, and I'm cutting them into a blanket shape ...

Ada at 5.5

13th Dec. 2017

Ada is 5 and a half.  She is loving kindergarten and doing really well.  She knows all her letters (upper and lower), how to write them, and the sounds they make.  She also knows about 50 sight words.  She is reading simple books and writing simple sentences.  She got to move up from the beginner books to the second level at school a few weeks ago.  I really like the ...