Done with KC!

23th April 2010

So tomorrow is my last day in KC for work.  While the work was interesting and I learned a lot, I am more than ready to go home!  As exciting as sitting in a hotel room alone every night sounds, it's really not.  I actually miss cooking, cleaning, and house updates!  I guess I also miss Derek and Bristol haha.  I will probably have to return in the fall ...


21th April 2010

Here is the garden Derek did this evening!  Nothing is planted but the random flowers that grew there, but it is ready when we get home from Vegas

 And now the front of the house, the plants are small now but hopefully the survive and get large!

Front garden

19th April 2010

So on Sunday my parents came up and we worked hard on our front garden!  It is wavy and covers the front of the house.  Derek and my dad installed the "hammer-in" edging we bought, which you can't hammer so they dug a trench for it and it looks good now but we will see in a year if it is still intact.  For $12 for 20 feet I ...

Next Vegas Trip

18th April 2010

So we went to Vegas in Feb. and about a week after returning my boss asks me if I want to go to training in Vegas in April.  I say yes and then "convince" Derek to go with me, he didn't need much convincing haha

We leave Sunday the 25th at 6am, early I know, but because of our silly travel company it was the only decent priced flight ...