Done with KC!

23th April 2010

So tomorrow is my last day in KC for work.  While the work was interesting and I learned a lot, I am more than ready to go home!  As exciting as sitting in a hotel room alone every night sounds, it's really not.  I actually miss cooking, cleaning, and house updates!  I guess I also miss Derek and Bristol haha.  I will probably have to return in the fall for another month, but there is a very small possibility I won't have to.

So I think my blog is ugly, but Derek claims he can't help me make it look better which I'm not sure I believe...   So I will continue to try to convince him to help me make it look better.

Here are some things I learned about KC while being here.
1. Buses do not follow normal traffic laws; they pull in front of you, take up 2 lanes, and will even honk for you to move if you are in the lane they want to be in
2. Parking is expensive in downtown, $5-9 a day!
3. People are incredibly nice in the downtown area;  always offering helping out and making small talk
4. Jack Stack has the best BBQ beans while OK Joes has the best sandwiches
5. Sometimes cars here apparently think they look like a bus, driving in the bus only lane to avoid the traffic 95% of the cars are sitting in
6.  If I lived here I would go bankrupt shopping all the time!
7.  Security guards are normal at stores and don't necessarily mean the store is unsafe
8. Downtown KC is getting pretty neat, should be really awesome in a few years when all the construction is complete
9.  Don't expect to come home to a clean house at the end of the week when you leave your husband there alone!

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