First snow and Lots of Food!

12th Dec. 2010

Yesterday we had our first "real" snow in Manhattan. Only got a slight dusting, but it snowed long enough for me to at least see it on the ground for a few hours. The wind was blowing like crazy also and knocked over two chairs and a grill off of our deck.

In non weather related news, Lindy and I had our parents up yesterday for a holiday dinner. The ...

Thanksgiving and Beyond

9th Dec. 2010

We spent the weekend of Thanksgiving out in Colorado visiting my family.  My parents rented a van (haha) and my parents, Kali, Derek, me, Mia, and Bristol all loaded up and we headed out!




Oh how I don't think I miss road trips!  We'll about 10 hours later we arrived in Ft Collins at my Grandma's!  Thursday we had a huge, yummy feast at my aunts ...