Nursery Chair

29th Feb. 2012

We were able to go pick up our nursery chair from Kansas City on Sunday!  We bought it at Buy Buy Baby for $550ish.  It is a Best Chair Tryp that reclines, swivels and glides and is so very comfortable!

Here are some lovely photos, we got it in grey and I love it so far.  It is comfortable, reclines really easy and the fabric is soft.  I'm not ...

Cloth Diapers

29th Feb. 2012

We we, as in me really but Derek is cool with it, decided to use cloth diapers.  I have spent the last 2 months or so finding and buying cloth diapers onsale online.  I ended up buying almost all pocket diapers because they have the best reviews online.  Everyone also fits babies about 8-35 pounds so Ada should be able to wear them from 1-2 months to potty training.

I ...

31 Week Bump

28th Feb. 2012

How far along: 31 weeks, only a day late this time!

Baby size: pinneapple in length and around 3.5 pounds

Maternity clothes: pants and most shirts, there are still a few normal shrits that almost fit :)

Stretch marks: a few :( 

Sleep: alright I guess, I wake up a lot and am starting to get really tired again

Best moment this week:  getting to pick up the chair for the ...

DIY Bow Holder

24th Feb. 2012

Also while Mindy was here we decided to make a bow hanger for the wal in Ada's room.  The inspiration was from, once again, pinterest here

We bought a 1/2 off frame from Hobby Lobby, orange/yellow spray paint, roll of ribbon and some hot glue. 

We spray painted the frame, it took maybe 5-6 layers.  Then I cut the ...