15 months

27th Aug. 2013

I'm only 3 weeks behind!  Ada had a doctor's appoitment at 15 months. She passed!  I was a little worried about her lack of vocabulary but the doctor wasn't worried at all.  She had I think 4 words at the time, they wanted 5, and with her physical and other mental stuff they said she is doing just fine.  

Here are her stats.

  • Height:  31.25 inches ...


20th Aug. 2013

Why yes I am already planning for Halloween.  I decided this year I was going to sew Ada's costume so I have to start early so if I mess up majorly I have time to do something else.  She is going to be Dorothy this year :)  I figured it was fitting after just moving from Kansas.  I found this pattern at JoAnn's.  

And I purchased all the fabric ...

Visit to Mindy's

18th Aug. 2013

My mom and I flew to Sacramento this week to visit Mindy, Tommy and little Lilly. Lilly was 6 weeks and so precious. I took lots of photos on my phone but didn't bring my big camera. I think we officially scared Tommy for when Lilly starts walking. Ada isn't exactly quiet and she hates to sit down, where Lilly is pretty quiet and peaceful haha.  Luckly he ...