Start to sewing

22th July 2013

So I decided to give sewing a try.  My mom gave me her old sewing machine.  It seems to work just fine and all I had to buy was some thread, a measuring tape and some nice scissors and I was ready to try it out.  I figure if I don't like it, I didn't invest very much so it is no big deal.  Well I searched pinterest ...

Instagram and recent happenings

12th July 2013

Well we booked our flight out to see Mindy and Lilly in August!  It is so nice being near a major airport and have a direct option to Sacramento! And we also booked tickets to Chicago in September.  Derek is going for a conference and Ada and I are tagging along.  Hopefully Ada does okay on the flights because she has 4 she has to survive in the next two ...

14 months

5th July 2013

Well Ada has been up to a lot lately, always getting into things and running around, which are why all of her photos are of her moving, she doesn't seem to sit still anymore.

Size:  Our scale says she is still right around 22 pounds, we will know again at 15 months for her next appoitment.  She still fits in size 4 shoes and her other clothes are all ...