Family Photos

23th Nov. 2013

We had family photos taken at the end of October and finally got the rights to all of them!  I think they turned out alright, Ada wasn't very smiley so the individual photos of her were just alright but I think we got some good family ones! My parents and sister also came along because the price was the same and we haven't had photos with all of ...

18 months

7th Nov. 2013

Sweet Ada is 18 months old already!  Derek reminded me that it is time to plan her 2nd birthday!  Haha yeah no, not going to happen yet.

Not much has actually changed with her this month.  She still isn't really talking, the pediatrician isn't too concerned yet.  She did tell me to call in February if she doesn't have around 15 words and she will refer her ...

18 months

5th Nov. 2013

So I don't have offical photos taken, and she doesn't have her appoitment until tomorrow, but here are some photos of Ada recently to tide over until I make the real post!


From our photo shoot a week or so ago.


Being crazy in her new car

This is the face she gave me when I asked her to smile for the camera.

Painting her pumpkin

She ...