24th April 2014

On Monday we had to say goodbye to Bristol :(  She had gotten really sick the week before, and beause she was almost 13 and her hip/back pain she was always in, we didn't try to diagonise what was wrong.  Over Easter weekend she could barely walk, couldn't hold down any water, and refused to eat.  We knew she was in a lot of pain and was dying ...

Easter and JCP Portraits

21th April 2014

Ada was spoiled this weekend and got to do two egg hunts!  One at a church Saturday and another at my parents on Sunday.  She loved egg hunting and actually did a good job!

Here are some photos, there are some more on my phone too but I didn't get around to loading them onto the computer.

Getting ready for the egg hunt on Saturday.

Opening our basket Easter ...

23 months

4th April 2014

Well our toddler is almost 2, tear!  I can't even pretend she is a baby anymore with all the attitude and talking she is doing. She says over 65 words now, which means she learned more than a word a day this month. The goal was 50 words by 2 years so we are set!  The way she says several words is so cute, nice has a southern drawl ...

iPhone photos

4th April 2014

I found a bunch of photos on my phone I haven't uploaded, some go back to February.  

I wish she would let me put pig tails in her hair everyday, but 90% of the time she rips them out :(

We went to a national snow sculpture show here in Loveland.  There were some way nicer sculptures but this is the only photo I have with Derek or Ada in ...