Ada Chatting

28th Jan. 2014

Getting Ada to talk for the camera is pretty much impossible.  She is far too interested in looking at herself most days.  Well yesterday I finally has some luck!  She will still only say something on demand if I ask her to say the word but oh well.  My favorite word she says is baby, it is too cute and she says it all the time now.


Basement Finishing

27th Jan. 2014

When we moved into this house we did it with the requirement that we finish the basement pretty quickly.  It is only 3 bedroom, all upstairs near where Ada and I hang out a lot so it is noisy.  Derek plans on working from home for awhile so he needed a quieter office space.  So in October (I think) him and my dad started finishing our basement.  We did get ...

Sewing Birthday Presents

23th Jan. 2014

 decided to try to make most of Ada's presents this year for her birthday to keep costs down.  She loves her kitchen we got her for Christmas, and she loves playing with our oven mits, so I decided to make her some oven mits.  I found this tutorial on pinterest and thought it looked easy enough.

They look less than an ...

Project 365

5th Jan. 2014

So this past year I did Project 365. Basically I took a picture of Ada everyday of the year. I knew I would never be successful if I used a real camera so I just used my cell phone. I'm pretty excited I completed it!  I wanted to do it this year but missed Jan 1 so I guess that's out haha. 

Here are all the months, I ...