2.0 16 weeks

18th Feb. 2015

Well I documented Ada's pregnancy starting at 12 weeks and did an update every week. That's not happening this time, my goal is every month starting today!  I will use the same questions as with Ada. This pregnancy has been so different than Ada's, which is why both Derek and I had pretty high suspicions that this one was a boy. I am also looking like 20 ...

2 3/4

5th Feb. 2015

This is the last update until her 3rd birthday post!  Ada is really into the Happy Birthday song and sings it multiple times a day.  She also makes fake cakes to go along with it.  She is going to be stoked when it is actually her birthday!  I'm trying to find a 3rd birthday shirt this year.  I have meant it do it the last 2 years and kept ...