Ada at 5.5

13th Dec. 2017

Ada is 5 and a half.  She is loving kindergarten and doing really well.  She knows all her letters (upper and lower), how to write them, and the sounds they make.  She also knows about 50 sight words.  She is reading simple books and writing simple sentences.  She got to move up from the beginner books to the second level at school a few weeks ago.  I really like the ...

Henry 2.25

27th Oct. 2017

My class this semester has been taking up all my free time so I haven't done any updates!  Henry is 2.25 today, not a super important age but oh well lol.  I tried photos and it went awful so I'll just use a few photos from our family photos earlier this month.

Poor Henry had strep and croup at the same time this past month.  He was ...

Ada's first day of Kindergarten!

30th Aug. 2017

Ada started kindergarten a few weeks ago.  She was really nervous but warmed up after a few days.  She has made several friends and loves recess, art, and reading.  She hates handwriting and has used that as an excuse to try to stay home a few days lol.  She complains she doesn't like to learn but so far is doing really good learning what they are teaching her.  Some ...

Henry is 2

27th July 2017

My baby is 2!  He is such a sweet, funny kid who loves giving hugs and sitting on my lap but is full of energy and hates to stop moving.

He's always been a bit ahead with physical milestones, he can jump all over, walk stairs without help, hit a ball (can even throw the ball in the air and then hit it), and catch balls.  His speech is ...