26 months

30th June 2014

So sorry in advance for the excessive pictures.

I have decided to do posts every 2 months for Ada's 2nd year.  Ada is still changing a lot but not as fast.  I mainly do them because it is the only time I pull out the good camera instead of my iPhone.  Ada has a silly cheese face now, she sticks out her bottom teeth, but I guess at least ...

23 months

4th April 2014

Well our toddler is almost 2, tear!  I can't even pretend she is a baby anymore with all the attitude and talking she is doing. She says over 65 words now, which means she learned more than a word a day this month. The goal was 50 words by 2 years so we are set!  The way she says several words is so cute, nice has a southern drawl ...

22 months

4th March 2014

Ada is becoming a little chatterbox. We talks all the time now and keeps adding new words. She is up to about 30 words and has started combining two words together.  She learns the strangest words, I have been trying to teach her dog and cat forever but she refuses to say them but then I taught her moon the other night in 10 minutes.  She has finally started animal ...

21 months

4th Feb. 2014

She wanted nothing to do with me taking photos.  I tried bribing her with Goldfish and that failed too.  All she wanted to do was see the photos my camera was taking instead of smiling for them!

New words Ada has added:  Tietie for Kali (her version of Auntie), baabaa for sheep, bye bye, poop, mine, baby, up, meow, and whee.  There are probably a few more, but she has ...