Ada's New Room

1th Oct. 2013

Ada's new room is pretty much complete.  I still have a few things to do like anchor the furniture to the walls, install another lamp and hang up a magnetic white board.  I figure it is close enough for pictures!  We reused most the stuff from her old room.  What we added was a small table and chair set from Ikea, new curtains, two storage units from Ikea, a ...

Nursery is doneish!

5th April 2012

So the nursery is pretty much complete now.  When these photos were taken it still needed a final clean but that got done this evening.  I also filled one of the empty picture frames with a baby picture of Derek.  So I don't forget here is a list of where most the stuff came from.

  • White shelves, Target
  • Picture frames, mainly Target
  • Stacker on top of shelve, Melissa and ...

Weekend Work

25th March 2012

So we spent an entire weekend at home for the first time in a few weeks.  It was nice and relaxing and the weather was perfect, 80's and sunny.  I think I even got a little sunburnt today.

Yesterday we finally finished the garden by our deck that we started last summer.  Well everything is done but the dead tree, it's the 2nd one to die so whenever ...

A little bit of nursery project

21th March 2012

So I hung up the first itme on the nursery walls tonight!  Derek put the hooks on the bottom of the frame today so my bow/headband holder was finally complete.  I ordered most the flowers and all the headbands from an etsy shop here.  I actually ended up getting way more headbands than I ordered, so I have a ton.  They are in a bunch of different sizes so ...